The Rainbow Connection: How Using Color Can Push Your Narrative

with Instructor: Ron L. Estrada He/Him/His

Class Info

The Rainbow Connection: How Using Color Can Push Your Narrative

In this workshop, we will look at both subtle use and direct acknowledgment of color in written work and film. We’ll discuss how this aspect of our visual perception can shape the artist’s story and the reader’s or viewer’s reception of it.

What To Bring

Students will need something to write on. All reading materials will be provided by the instructor. Please make sure you have access to Google docs or Word in order to share work. If accommodations are needed, please email the instructor below.


Saturday, June 19th from 10 am to noon MST via Zoom.


The cost of this workshop is $25, with the option to pay more to sponsor another student via Alchemy Writing Workshop’s Student Scholarship program. For more information about costs, and the Scholarship program, please click the registration link below.

About The Instructor

Ron L. Estrada is a writer from Chicago. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and has been recently published in pulpmouthVoiceBox StoriesThe Writer in the World. He was a semifinalist for The Tarpaulin Sky 2020 Book Awards.

Accessibility description of photo above:

Ron L. Estrada [he/him his] is a Brown male with dark hair and eyes and dark facial hair. He is wearing black rimmed glasses and a t-shirt underneath a fleece-lined coat.