Purpose Driven Writing

with Instructor: Tonii Langhorne [he/him/his]

Class Info

Purpose Driven Writing

This workshop will guide students in discovering their “why” in their writing as they move from writing as a hobby to business. The course will identify who they are and who they are writing for and what their writing does for others.

This workshop is appropriate for all genres and levels of experience.

What To Bring

Bring something to write with/on. 

Students need something to write on (computer, pad of paper, etc). Handouts will be provided by the instructor.


This workshop is a 2 hour workshop via Zoom and will be available in early May.


This class will be given either over a Zoom or WetInk platform and will be entirely online. We will share documents through Google Drive & Google Docs, which has a track changes editing component. If you have questions, please click the link below for more information.


The cost of this workshop is $20, with the option to pay more to sponsor another student via Alchemy Writing Workshop’s Student Scholarship program. For more information about costs, and the Scholarship program, please click the registration link below.

About The Instructor

Tonii Langhorne is an Entreprepoet™ — an author, artist, and entrepreneur — who has a passion for both, creativity and the people who create. This passion, leads everything he creates, from his own personal projects, like his first poetry collection called (Her), to his company Tonii Inc, a conglomerate that oversees several companies Tonii owns and manages. From business to personal Artistry, his passion, values, and personal focus in life of helping others is evident. Among his several business ventures, ii Publishing, a small press publishing company specializing in Poetry and fiction novels, and Poetix University, an international Institute made specifically for the education and artist development of poets worldwide, have established his brand as a pioneering force in the literary industry. Tonii has over a decade of experience in various creative roles, which he now utilizes to lead and develop new ways of helping the poetry community learn, express, and create. He transforms books into experiences and has created a community around his brand based on support, passion, and growth.  He believes he and his company are one, with one shared mission: to create galaxies of experiences from creative material.

Accessibility description of photo above:

Tonii Langhorne [he/him/his] is a Black man with dark brown eyes and a shaved head, with a dark mustache and goatee. He is wearing a black dress shirt, black bow tie, a black vest, and a black suit jacket with hands clasped in front of him.