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Ouroboros: an eternal cycle of renewal. In alchemy refers to the “all is one.” The female and male diverging into an all.

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Brenda S. Tolian is a Gothic/ Horror writer from Southern Colorado. She is a member of the Denver Horror Collective, Horror Writers Association, AWP, and the Angela Carter Society. She is a graduate of Adams State University, Regis University, and a Doctoral Student of Literature at Murray State University. She collaborates with Alchemy Writers Workshop and is an instructor here at Ouroboros Screaming.

Her work has appeared in Haunted Mtl.com, the anthology 101 Proof HorrortheDenver Horror Collective’santhology Consumed Tales Inspired by The WendigoThe Jewish Book Of Horror, Twisted Pulp Magazine issue 3Her book Blood Mountain is due out soon with Raw Dog Screaming Press and other projects are forthcoming in 2024.



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Joy Yehle is an author of horror and dark fiction. She is a member of the Denver Horror Collective. Her short stories have appeared in various publications, including the best-selling Denver Horror Collective’s Terror at 5280’ and Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo. Her first YA novel, DREAD, was published in 2016. Joy also co-hosts The Burial Plot Horror Podcast. Joy worked in cyber-security and in education before finding her way to writing.

She claims Denver and Calgary, Alberta, as her hometowns, but now makes her base in rural Colorado with her husband, a gaggle of kids and grandkids, a gray tabby cat, a rescued pit bull-husky mix, and one very rambunctious German Shepherd who may or may not think she is a cat.

When Joy is not crafting dark and horrifying stories for her readers you can find her wandering around haunted locations, exploring old cemeteries, looking for Bigfoot, and communing with the dark side – or she might just be camping.

Website: http://www.joyyehle.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joyyehle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoyYehle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joyyehle

Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/33kdwJw



Bobby Crew has worked with authors for over 7 years, supporting them in all things from improving their writing to planning their book launch, to book marketing. He is the author of the book Dining with Devils, and creator of The Horror Crew Productions, a new indie publishing press that focuses primarily on LGBTQ and diverse horror. He works for AuthorYOU, a nonprofit resource organization that provides education and resources to authors, and he also assists the board of the Colorado Author’s Hall of Fame. 

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