Introduction to Dark Fiction

With Instructor: Brenda S. Tolian [she/her/hers]

Class Info

Introduction to Dark Fiction

Dark Fiction is generally fiction which contains horrific elements such as dread, fear, death and the sinister side of human nature. This includes horror, gothic, fantasy science fiction and even poetry. It can be human vs. human, human vs. nature and human vs. supernatural. It is the darkest fear set forth in written word. This workshop teaches all of the essential tools to write dark fiction including learning the nature behind this genre, character creation, monsters/demons/creatures of the night, and techniques.

What To Bring

All reading materials will be provided by the instructor. Please make sure you have access to Google docs or Word in order to share work. If accommodations are needed, please email the instructor below.


This workshop will take place via Zoom once a week on Saturdays beginning April 17th, 24th and May 1st and the 15th. Times are 10 to 12 pm MT.


The cost of this workshop is $75, with the option to pay more to sponsor another student via Alchemy Writing Workshop’s Student Scholarship program.

About The Instructor

Brenda S. Tolian is a Southwestern Gothic Horror writer from Southern Colorado. She is an active member of the Denver Horror Collective, Horror Writers Association, and the Horror Writers Guild. Her work has appeared in Haunted Mtl the Anthology 101 Proof Horror, Consumed Tales Inspired by the Wendigo, and Twisted Pulp Magazine. She also writes and is published academically on subjects ranging from postmodernism to Nabokov. She has presented Southwestern gothic short stories and creepy academic topics at the Southwestern Popular/American Culture Association Conference. Additionally, Brenda will deliver academic work at Stoker Con within the Ann Radcliffe Convention this May.  Her thesis Blood Mountain is currently under committee review at Regis University—a collection based within the hauntingly beautiful San Luis Valley she calls home.  Find more information on her website,