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E.A. Midnight [she/her/hers] is a white woman with long flowing brown hair, blue eyes, and two gold nose rings. She is wearing a rose-colored Carhartt jacket, a speckled brown beanie, and a black scarf with white, green, and purple detailing.


As an artist, I specialize in multi-modal, cross-genre hybridities, preferring to allow each piece I write to perform on the page in the way it needs to, rather than adhere to traditionality within my work. I am a vocal advocate for challenging the boxes creative artists are put in and pushing those boundaries.

While I began my higher-educational endeavors focusing on creative writing at Warren Wilson College, I eventually changed majors [and schools] and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Sociology from SUNY Binghamton University in 2008. Over the years I have worked in many varied career fields, including Government Data Collection and Research, Physical Fitness and Sports Management, and Information Technologies. In 2017, I decided to pursue creative writing on an academic level once again, and received the Goddard/PEN North American Scholarship Award to attend Goddard College’s prestigious MFA program. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, with a focus on Hybrid Writing, Memoir, and Poetry, from Goddard College in 2019. Please see my website for a comprehensive look at my creative work publications. 

On a personal note, I reside between the prairie wilds and the mountain winds of Colorado with my beloved dogs and my cherished family. I spend my free time reading, wandering around with my camera, running mountain trails, and rock climbing with my husband. 

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