☿ Al·che·my Writing Workshop

Alchemy Writing Workshop was created due to a need for writers to learn the craft and to gain the experience necessary to become successful in the writing world as professional writers. As a single mother with dreams to become a writer, not having the finances or ability to attend an MFA or writing retreats/workshops left me outside of the game to learn and enhance my writing.

This workshop is for those who are serious about their writing but don’t have access to an MFA program or other workshops, classes or retreats due to family responsibilities, jobs, or income. Responsibilities should never stop you from achieving your dreams. The writing workshops, lectures, and classes will be taught by various professional writers, performers, artists, and organizations in your writing communities. These are talented individuals who are interested and motivated to help you become successful. Each workshop or class will be taught in-person (once safe) or on an online platform easily accessible to the community, whether on a user-friendly website such as Wet Ink or via Zoom.

Every writer has different areas of interest and needs. We are here to ensure you learn skills and are educated on crafts and topics that will help you become successful on your journey to becoming a professional writer, regardless of circumstance. Alchemy Writing Workshop is dedicated to helping you fulfill your dreams. Your words matter.

How much do workshops and classes cost?

The workshops and classes are priced based on length and time. Part of the proceeds go to a scholarship fund established by Alchemy Writing Workshop to help students and members in the writing community to cover costs associated with applying for grants, publication submissions, and other writing/creative costs. Alchemy Services encourages BIPOC Writers to apply. Scholarships are always available. BIPOC Writers will be given priority.

In need of a scholarship?

Check out our scholarship application page! Are you wanting to apply for a grant or writing retreat? Do you have a contest submission or journal submission you want to send your work to but the fees are unaffordable for you? Click here and read more about how to apply for help!

Do you want to teach a class or workshop for Alchemy Writing Workshop?

Email alchemywritingworkshop@gmail.com with your class or workshop proposal and a brief statement on why volunteering to teach for your writing community is important. Those seeking opportunities to gain experience in teaching without access to a TA program or other means can learn valuable teaching skills through Alchemy Writing Workshop. Interested in an internship? Check out the Internship Program with Alchemy Author Services.

Let’s hang out

Workshops and classes are constantly being added as well as new teachers.

A Listing of Alchemy Writing Workshop Courses:

Somatic Experience and Holistic Movement in Writing

Instructor: Ashley Howell Bunn

The goal of this workshop is to create a safe and inclusive space for participants to explore the connection between their physical and subtle bodies and writing. We will move through a variety of somatic experiences and rituals including guided mindfulness (based on Yoga Nidra), breathing techniques, physical postures (based on restorative yoga), and sound healing techniques.  In connection with the somatic experiences, we will have space for generative writing and reflection. This will include writing intentional narrative or poetry in relation to different energetic layers in the body, creating visual writing about the images and words/ sounds which occur during the exercises, and creating physical body analogies. The writing aspect will be open and can be applied to any style of writing- although it most easily lends itself to poetry and creative nonfiction.

Date/Time: This workshop will be a two-session workshop via Zoom starting on Saturday, August 7th and Saturday, August 14th from 1-3 PM MST.

Raw Magic: How to Write Faerie Tales For Grown-Ups

Instructor: Nori Rose Hubert

Why are faerie tales so popular? What value do these timeless stories bring to the twenty-first century? How can we apply the lessons, archetypes, and magic of our favorite tales to our modern lives and our writing practice?

In this interactive 4-week workshop, you will learn how to craft your own contemporary faerie tale with exercises to help you uncover the magic that already exists in your everyday life. You will also learn the ins and outs of plot, character development, and world-building using magical realist writing techniques. This workshop is for anyone interested in following the breadcrumb trail to reconnect with the magic in us all. Date/Time: This workshop will take place via Zoom over four weeks starting on Saturday, July 3rd through the 24th from 1:00 – 2:30 pm CST.

Purpose Driven Writing

Instructor: Tonii Langhorne

This workshop will guide students in discovering their “why” in their writing as they move from writing as a hobby to business. The course will identify who they are and who they are writing for and what their writing does for others.

This workshop is appropriate for all genres and levels of experience.

Date/Time: Next workshop TBA.

The Rainbow Connection: How Using Color Can Push Your Narrative

Instructor: Ron L. Estrada

This workshop will look at both subtle use and direct acknowledgment of color in written work and film. Discussions will take place on how this aspect of visual perception can shape the artist’s story and the reader’s or viewer’s reception of it.

Date/Time: Next workshop TBA.

How to Generate Great Titles For Your Work

Instructor: Violet Mitchell

Date/Time: This workshop will take place via Zoom on Sunday, June 6th from 2 to 4 pm MT and again on Sunday, June 27th from 2 to 4 pm MT.

Interested in learning more about Alchemy Writing Workshops and what they have to offer? Do you have a suggestion for a workshop? Let us know!