Food Memory As Narrative and Character in Flash Creative Nonfiction

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Food Memory As Narrative and Character in Flash Creative Nonfiction

Our experiences with food almost immediately become storied into narrative. Randall Kenan, in his talk about the character of the yam in The Invisible Man to the 2018 Southern Foodways Symposium on food and literature shared, “For me, the hallmark of food in literature, raised to the level of art, is food interacting with character. Food as character. Food doing stuff. Food being stuff. Just as it happens with our flesh and blood, our mouths and our bellies and our memories. The best writers, know that food is identity. Food is alive. Food is us.”   

Food memories are so deeply embodied and enmeshed that we reach for our senses and other sensual experiences to describe them. Like language, food is interpretable and symbolic and serves to make meaning as narrative. When we describe what we eat—how we prepare and experience it, where we obtain it, how we share it—we reveal who we and our characters are.

In this 3-day online (Wet Ink Platform) generative workshop on flash creative non-fiction and food writing we look beyond nostalgia to craft short-form food narratives under 1,000 words, explore conventional and unconventional narrative structures and hybrid forms, and where to submit these pieces for publication.

What To Bring

This workshop will take place on the online platform Wet Ink. It is a self-paced, online, interactive and user-friendly platform. You do not need prior experience using this platform or be tech savvy. It is designed for all levels and is used by other writing workshop organizations such as Hugo House.


Date/Time: This workshop will be a three-day workshop via our Wet Ink Online/Virtual platform starting on Friday, October 15th through Sunday, October 17th from noon to 2 PM CST.


The cost of this workshop is $60. Two Scholarships are available — with priority given to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students. For more information about the Scholarship Program, please click the registration link below!

About The Instructor

April Bradley is a Durham, North Carolina-based writer. Her fiction and essays appear in Blink Ink, CHEAP POP, Heavy Feather Review, Narratively, Smokelong Quarterly, and numerous others. Her work has been honored by residency support from Vermont Studio Center and Rivendell Writer’s Colony. She serves as an associate editor for fiction at Pidgeonholes and as a submissions editor at SmokeLong Quarterly. April is a recent Pushcart Prize, Best of Microfiction, and Best of Small Fictions nominee, and a graduate of Yale Divinity School. She is the editor and publisher of the literary journal and press, Ruby.

Find her online at and on Twitter at @april_bradley.