Collage As a Literary Portal

With Instructor: Lauren Samblanet She/Her/Hers

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Lauren Samblanet is depicted in the photo above. She is a white woman with long, curly dark hair. She is wearing dark-rimmed glasses and has dark eyes. She is wearing a sparkly champaign-colored dress with a red button-up sweater and is holding/smelling a bouquet of white flowers with a snow-filled landscape in the background.

Class Info

Collage As a literary Portal

collage can be defined as “art [that] results from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole” (wikipedia). while we may most often think of collage as a visual art practice, makers in many mediums have been using collage techniques to create not just a new whole, but also to shift from the individual to the collective, from an “i” to a “we”, or to move through the personal to speak to a larger politic. we’ll spend our time in this workshop exploring collage in various mediums – from visual art to film to writing – as a way to understand the possibilities and portals that collage can offer us as writers through referential poetics, collaborative writing, and interdisciplinary writing. this workshop will include generative exercises including interdisciplinary and collaborative exercises. Online via ZOOM. Please let us know if you have any accommodations if needed.  

What To Bring

This workshop will take place on the online platform Zoom. Be sure to have something to write/type on/with. Please message for accommodations.


Date/Time: This workshop will be offered twice to accommodate participant’s work schedules/life:

JULY, 2022 TBA

JULY, 2022 TBA


The cost of this workshop is a sliding scale fee. Pay what you can between $15-$50.

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About The Instructor

Lauren Samblanet is a poet and hybrid writer who cross-pollinates with other forms of making & other makers of forms. some of her poems have been published in a shadow map: an anthology by survivors of sexual assault, FENCE, dreginald, entropy, bedfellows, the tiny, crab fat magazine, and aglimpseof. 

Lauren runs reinventing creative process where she offers experiential and generative workshops, one-on-one creative process coaching, and support groups which allow creators to explore the process behind creative practice, as well as process-based hybrid and interdisciplinary forms.

Find her online at