Crown & Pen was kind enough to interview me about Alchemy Writing Workshop, writing, and my goals for the workshops and instructors. Why do I find writing a political act? Why are your words so important? Read on!

Crown & Pen

Check out my interview with The Westword where I talk all about Alchemy Author Services & Writing Workshop and how I got started, what my motivation is, and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Hillary Leftwich Puts Supernatural Skills to Work at Alchemy Author Services

Calling all adjuncts! It’s time to honor our adjuncts and all you do for education. Want to be part of an upcoming Honoring Our Adjuncts reading and panel? Message me here or refer someone you know!

Alchemy Writing Workshop’s Celebration Launch Reading!
April 10th – 5pm MT

What is Alchemy Writing Workshop? Learn all about this community-based endeavor born out of love and reciprocation with host and organizer Hillary Leftwich. Featured readers include:

Steven Dunn, Jay Halsey, Te V. Smith, Brenda S. Tolian, Pavlos Stavropoulos, Jason Teal, Rogan Kelly, Tameca L. Coleman, Akusua Akoto, E. A. Midnight, Violet Mitchell, Byron Aspaas, Deanna Rasch, Kris Hall, Mary Harpin, and Monique Antoinette Lewis! 

Co-hosted and supported by the fabulous Nicole Hann Sullivan and BookBar! 
This Saturday, April 10th, 2021 at 5pm MT [7pm ET / 6pm CT / 4pm PT]Alchemy Author Services & Writing Workshop 
This reading is free for any and all who are interested and will be accessible via Zoom (click Here for Zoom link) and Facebook Live (click Here for FB link).

The development of Alchemy Author Services began during the pandemic and after I lost my job. After volunteering as a reader for numerous literary magazines, working my way into several head editing roles, and offering to edit fellow writers’ work, I decided to start my own editing service. But not just editing. I wanted to provide the full range of services that professional writers need, from every type of editing offered to manuscript evaluations, beta readings, mentorships, journal recommendations, and landing an agent with query/pitch/synopsis services. It’s the full range of what a serious writer needs to be successful and land their goals.

Additionally, I formed a partnership with both Wilkes University as well as Regis University to offer internships to students and/or those interested in learning more about editing, running a small indie business, as well as marketing. Established in June of 2020, Alchemy Author Services has gained so much momentum, thanks in part to the extensive support from the writing community, my colleagues, mentors, and cohorts, as well as my friends and family. And so, the official Alchemy Author Services website has been launched today.

Beyond the author services aspect, I’ve been creating in my mind for the past four years a way to give back to the writing community. When I first started out wanting to write as a single mother with no degree under my belt, I found it impossible to afford or find someone to watch my son to be able to attend writing workshops, retreats, or even an MFA program. I never want anyone who is serious about their writing to not have access to furthering their development or to be able to be a part of a safe writing community and network. And so, Alchemy Writing Workshop was created as a sisterhood to the author services.

I also created the Alchemy Writing Workshop Patreon page to offer tips, advice, journal recommendations, news, and a way to help financially support this endeavor of an official website and writing workshop. Please consider joining, as all proceeds go to funding this site, events, and the workshop.

And you. Thank you for taking the time to read these words and check out my website. It’s been a pleasure to create alongside dear friends whose only interest is helping me be successful. That’s what community is all about. I hope you join me in forging forward to create an even bigger and stronger one together.

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