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Julia Brennan

Julia Brennan is a writer and performer from central New York. She holds an MFA in fiction from Brown University, where she won the 2018 Frances Mason Harris ’26 manuscript award. Her work has been published in Hotel Amerika, Big Big Wednesday, Gulf Coast, and Denver Quarterly among other publications. Her debut novel, Hunting Season, won the 2019 Tarpaulin Sky Book Award. Julia lives and teaches in Albuquerque, NM.

Dustin Holland

Author/Artist/Founder of D.Y.A.M/Performer

Dustin lives and works in northern Colorado. He is currently writing and drawing a comic book called the Marvelous Munchausen about the trials and tribulations of Baron Munchausen. Find him on https://www.gorchverse.com/

Original Designs & Creations:
  • Comics
  • Collages
  • Animation
  • Clothing

Mary Harpin

Intuitive development coach and writer.

Mary Harpin is a creative writer and an intuitive development coach. She offers writing classes, intuitive readings and 1:1 intuitive development coaching to clients. Mary is the author of Shadowrise (poetry) and a contributor to Book & Baby: The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos & Becoming a Wildly Successful Writer Parent, by Milda DeVoe.