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Nori Rose Hubert is a white woman with dark hair and green eyes. She is wearing a light tan knit sweater, a gold heart locket, and dangling black earrings.


Nori Rose Hubert is a published short story author, poet and essayist whose work is heavily influenced by her lifelong love of faerie tales, folklore and mythology, as well as her personal and familial experiences with mental health challenges. Her forthcoming debut novel The Dreaming Hour is a 21st-century magical realist reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose folklore tradition. Her work has been featured in The Rio Review, Feminine Inquiry, Musings of a #LonelyFeministHothouse, Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, Corvid Queen, The Elephant Ladder, Coffee Table Coven, Mookychick, The Freque, and the feminist e-anthology The Medusa Project. Her poems “Sacrificial Hymn” and “Parable of the Sower” were incorporated into the Austin Community College Department of Dance’s 2014 Summer Dance Informance showcase, and her poem “Sluts” was featured at the 2015 Art and Activism Showcase hosted by the Gender & Sexuality Center at UT Austin. She holds an AA in Creative Writing from Austin Community College and a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin, and was a 2016 participant at the Writers in New York summer intensive program at New York University. Nori also dedicated several years as a youth creative writing coach, including leading a summer camp on dark fantasy writing at the Blanton Museum of Art in conjunction with the visiting exhibit Natalie Frank: The Brothers Grimm. In April 2020 she co-founded Crown & Pen, an independent e-zine that began as a project to showcase writing and art inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and has since expanded into other areas. In addition to teaching, she works as a freelance copywriter and currently blogs for The Life: LGBT Mental Health at HealthyPlace Mental Health. She believes that magic is real, that we can find it hidden within the mundane fabric of our daily lives, and use it to tell stories that reshape our lives and the world. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out on this twisty-turvy path, she is honored to be a part of your writing journey.

Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @norirosewrites or visit her writing website www.norirosewrites.com



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