☿ Lauren Samblanet

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lsamblanet8@gmail.com [she/her/hers]

Accessibility description of photo above:

Lauren Samblanet is depicted in the photo above. She is a white woman with long, curly dark hair. She is wearing dark-rimmed glasses and has dark eyes. She is wearing a sparkly champaign-colored dress with a red button-up sweater and is holding/smelling a bouquet of white flowers with a snow-filled landscape in the background.


Lauren Samblanet is a poet and hybrid writer who cross-pollinates with other forms of making & other makers of forms. some of her poems have been published in a shadow map: an anthology by survivors of sexual assault, FENCE, dreginald, entropy, bedfellows, the tiny, crab fat magazine, and aglimpseof. 

Lauren runs reinventing creative process where she offers experiential and generative workshops, one-on-one creative process coaching, and support groups which allow creators to explore the process behind creative practice, as well as process-based hybrid and interdisciplinary forms.

Find her online at www.laurensamblanet.com