☿ Al·che·my Author Services

Why choose me?

Hiring an editor is a very personal choice. I am always happy to provide a sample edit as well as a consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Your writing project is my priority.

Additionally, I understand language is essential when writing, and I am aware of a writer’s voice, style, and dialect when editing a piece. A good editor helps the writing to be better, not different. A great editor will never disrupt a piece of writing from its original authenticity regarding race, creed, or sexual orientation. 

I can help you with the following:

  • Structural editing. A structural editor helps you to find the right structure for your manuscript. This is a big-picture edit, more creative than technical.
  • Content editing. Also called substantive editing, comprehensive editing, or heavy editing. This is a macro-to-micro edit that blends structural and line editing.
  • Line editing. Also called stylistic editing (Canada), this type of edit focuses on making sure the writing is clear and tight and improving the flow of your manuscript.
  • Copyediting. A detailed, technical edit to make sure the writing is as tight and complete as possible. Copy editors check grammar, correct usage, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Proofreading. A final word-by-word review and polish for punctuation and spelling.

My editing philosophy stands on honesty as well as encouragement. It’s your baby. In the end, YOU decide what goes and what stays.


One of my favorite services I offer! This involves reading submission-ready pieces and recommending which journals will be the best fit for your writing. 

Every journal has a different aesthetic. It can take hours to do your homework and determine which ones will be the best home for your writing. Who has time for that? I’ll help you narrow down which journals and/or contests to submit to based on your unique style and voice. Sometimes contest fees are worth it, sometimes not. I’ll help you make the best decision overall for your work.

Are you frustrated over that one journal that keeps rejecting your writing? I can evaluate your piece and give my honest feedback if it’s a good fit or not, and if it is, what I can do to increase your chances of acceptance. Slush piles are easy to avoid, and there are certain tricks you can utilize to avoid having your writing dumped and forgotten, doomed for rejection.  


Before you begin submitting and even querying your finished manuscript, novel, or memoir, it’s crucial to have a professional editor evaluate your work. This is only after your final (yes, final) edits have been completed, and you feel you can’t possibly change another sentence. It won’t be helpful if there are still minor edits to be made. 

So what does a manuscript evaluation consist of? Many viewpoints will be considered:

  • Genre. Does your manuscript abide by what are the usual and accepted standards?
  • Story. Is your story clear? Are your voices and your perspectives clear enough for the reader to understand? Are the stakes high enough? Is the story goal clear? Does your plot development make sense in partnership with your story? Does it require more oomph? Thrills? Or the unexpected? 
  • Structure. Does your story have the right pace? Did you establish your characters to do their job and be either loved or hated by your reader?
  • Mechanics. Are you choosing your words carefully as far as including the bomb adjectives and adverbs? Are there grammatical errors still?

Evaluating your manuscript is not the same as developmental editing. Evaluation is simply an overview of what is working for your writing and what isn’t. I’ll explain what is relevant, what I feel is the theme, and how this connects to your manuscript.

If you feel you need feedback on specific areas in your manuscript, I can also provide partial feedback. Reviewing up to a maximum of around 5,000 words will give me a good idea of any consistent issues I might see. 

Manuscript Submission: Depending on your manuscript, (all manuscripts vary) I provide a polished query letter, book synopsis, and a list of presses to submit to based upon your manuscript’s aesthetic. This includes book contests. What are the advantages of submitting to presses versus self publishing? You can read more about the pros and cons here: Pros and Cons


Beta Reading Checklist:  

  1. What kind of feedback are you looking for?
  2. You provide a checklist of what you want me to focus on. 
  3. No editing will be done. 
  4. I will be reading as your ideal marketed reader and not as an editor!

*Reading summary provided to ensure you’re hitting the mark with your ideal reader!
Flat fee $150


The Hierophant is a teacher or counselor who will help in the learning / education of the writer. 

Looking for more than just an editor? I can fill the many roles you might be considering as far as a total package: editing services, journal recommendations, manuscript evaluations, synopsis and cover letters, and tips and tricks to help you gain the confidence to self promote and market your writing. YOU are your own promoter, and there is no shame in shouting out your accomplishments. I’ll show how (and still remain humble, I promise).

Emergency Editing: 24-Hour Turnaround

Have an editing emergency? Maybe the contest you forgot about is closing submissions, or your thesis project needs one final read-through. Maybe your writing group couldn’t meet, and you have a deadline to meet? McSweeney’s is taking subs for one day only! We’ve all been there! Take a deep breath and know help is here for you. 

I can help you with a super sly turnaround of 24 hours on a piece of 2,000 words or less. Trust me, I’m used to tight deadlines. Having worked on several last-minute manuscript edits, fast turnarounds are one of my specialties!