☿ Ac·know·ledge·ments

Alchemy Author Services & Writing Workshop would love to acknowledge the people who are an integral part in creating this website, for volunteering endless hours to help make this happen, as well as being a huge support system when things felt like they were unraveling. For these people, I am grateful to you in words and ways I can’t articulate. Just know your help and support helping me in this endeavor is greatly appreciated, and without you, this website and this dream never would have happened. Thank you.

Rogan Kelly he/him

Author, EIC of The Night Heron Barks, & Graphic Designer

Brenda S. Tolian she/her

Author, Teacher, & Graphic Artist.

Designer of the official Alchemy Author Services & Writing Workshop logo.

E. A. Midnight she/her

Author, Editor, Teacher, & Photographer

pavlos stavropoulos they/them

Writer, Web Editor, Teacher for Social Justice & Environmental Justice, & Member of The Lighthouse Writers Book Project.